10 quick tips to interpret a rental ad in Hong Kong!

What the following things means:

1. Walk-up with roof top

Take a second shirt if you have a date on a walk-up roof top.
swet copy

2. Fully equipped/furnished

Some flats can be fully packed…

3. Bright & luminous

Windows are small, have metal bars, sometimes protective films. Only trust pictures – never the flat ad’s title.
Jail copy

4. Small bedroom

In some “bedrooms” you can’t even put a baby bed.
Small BR

5. Room available in a “modern” flat share

This is not Luke Skywalker’s. This is a real HK$ 3,000/month room in Causeway Bay!

6. Open kitchen

Sometimes it means “warm space to have dinner with friends”. Sometimes it doesn’t.

7. Located in residential area

Building lands are limited. Residential doesn’t mean parks & space. Stop dreaming!


8. Open view

If you can’t afford a penthouse in a high-rise building on the Peak, open views in the city are rare – they often mean that the neighbour building is coming soon.
area work

9. Building with facilities

Most luxurious buildings have a gym – but the reverse assumption is not necessarily true….

10. Contemporary space

Lofts in industrial buildings are more & more trendy. But the couple big space/low price often means no kitchen, no bathroom, no toilets….

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