7 crazy figures about Hong Kong’s Real Estate

Here are 7 crazy figures about real estate in Hong Kong.



It’s the number of selling transactions per day since the 1st of January 2017. More than 3,580 transactions have been registered on the primary market over the first 3 months of 2017. For the same period in 2016, there were 1,323 deals registered….



HK$ 2.1 billions is the highest transaction ever recorded for a residential property in Hong Kong. The 5,630 sqf. property, located on 15 Gough Hill Road on the Peak, was bought in June 2016 by a tycoon who found his 5,114 sqf. house on the Peak too tiny….

15 Gough hill Road


It’s the area in square feet of the largest house on Hong Kong Island. This property was sold in 2011 for HK$ 580 millions. It belonged to the former French Consulate.

Pollock's Path


HK$ 4.34 million for 430 Sqf. – it’s the average price of a property in Hong Kong in 2017. The average housing cost in Hong Kong is 19 times the gross median income!

For the same value you could have:

  • A 720 sqf flat with harbour view in Sidney
  • A 800 sqf flat in Brooklyn in New York
  • A townhouse in Central Dublin
  • A castle in Italy

Italian Castle


The height in meters of  the Cullinan, the tallest residential building in Hong Kong. The 2 towers of 60 storey each were completed in 2009. It is located in Hong Kong Union Square in the West Kowloon district. The Cullinan is originally the biggest diamond in the world, found in 1905.



The number of units of Taikoo Shing , one of the largest private housing estates in Hong Kong. It was built in 1970. There are 61 blocks on 3.5 hectares with 36,796 residents (Census 2011).

Tai Koo



It’s the number of estate agents registered in February 2016 in Hong Kong. Among them, only one shares his agent commission with the leaving tenant if he simply accepts to open his door for the viewings. More infos on snapflat.hk/departing-tenants



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