7 things that make your life easier with SnapFlat!

snapflat.hk aims to change the game in Hong Kong’s flat rental market. Here are 7 things we do better than the market.

1. Our agents are for FREE

No more crazy commissions!
snapflat.hk is the first property agent in Hong Kong that is 100% for free for tenants. You still get the service of our licensed agents (negotiation, paperwork…) – but you will never be asked to pay anything! Instead, use that money to fly to Bali for example 😊


2. No fakes or outdated flats

Stop losing time browsing through old or fake flats!
We verify each flat in person. All flats you see on snapflat.hk/searchers are for real and available.


3. Many clear pictures

Stop guessing what the flats will look like!
We guarantee a minimum of 7 quality pictures. Instead of pictures of empty flats, our pictures show someone’s home (as they are taken by the departing tenant). Like this, you get a clear view how you can set up the space or what dimensions are like. And you stop visiting tons of flats for nothing.

Great pics

4. A crystal-clear flat description

Stop whatsapping agents about square feet, bedrooms or washing machines!
We give you the full list of furniture, appliances, facilities and cool extra features that come with the flat. You finally know what you are going to get.


5. Book your viewing online

Stop calling up agents to schedule viewings!
Want to view the flat? All available time slots are online – just book your viewing in one click.


6. Visit someone’s home

Stop visiting soulless empty flats.
With SnapFlat, the departing tenant will show you his home. Like this, you get a super realistic view of the flat! It might even inspire your next interior design session. The tenant also knows the flat & neighborhood better than any agent.

View someones home

7. Get paid when you move out

The best part? You get paid by SnapFlat when you move out.
How much? 15% of a month’s rent! That could be your flight to Tokyo, or a dinner in your dream restaurant, or simply good money to save for later 😊
How? Simply open your door for the viewings at your preferred time. As soon as someone takes the flat, you get the cash. Check it out: www.snapflat.hk/departing-tenants.


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