Stop burning money! 3 ways to find your flat with no agent commission.

Fed up with paying commissions to property agents?
We hear you. Here are the 3 best options to avoid losing tons of money.

1. Break leases

Some tenants break their lease in Hong Kong. Usually landlords are OK with that, as long as they do not lose rent and their tenant finds a replacement himself.

To find these flats, your best shot is probably Facebook. There are several property pages where tenants post their flat pictures and contact details (just look for e.g. “Flat for Rent”).

The problem with looking for break leases is that you will only find a few every week – choice is limited. You also will need to deal with the current tenant and landlord directly to sort out all questions such as the move-in date, if you take over the lease or get your own contract, etc.


2. Direct owner deals

Several property search websites offer a “Direct Owner” section, where you are in direct contact with the landlord. These owners usually want to save agent fees and decide to handle the whole process themselves: advertising, showing the flat, preparing the contract…

The problem with direct tenant-landlord deals is again the offering. There are only few such flats available every week compared to the army of flats handled by agents (simply because most landlords still prefer having an agent).

Again, you will deal directly with the owner and won’t get any advice from a professional for more tricky questions, e.g.: can I sign a tenancy agreement without a HKID Card, how much shall I pay for the stamp duty, is it normal that the landlord requests me to pay the rent within 2 days…


3. SnapFlat

What if you could also get access to flats listed by agents and get the service of licensed agents, ALL FOR FREE?

Sounds too good to be true? Actually not.

On, you can search for flats and directly book your viewings online. If you want to make an offer, SnapFlat’s agents will handle the negotiation and all paperwork for you. And you DO NOT pay any commission. Only the landlord will pay SnapFlat.

If you are also leaving your current flat in Hong Kong, it is even better: SnapFlat pays you 15% of a month’s rent when you move out.

Only thing to do: open your door for the viewings at your preferred time. As soon as someone takes the flat, you get paid. Your landlord will love the service as he finds his next tenant before you move out – and saves a lot of rent.

Moving out soon? Just go to 😊

Snapflat mosa

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